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The Benefits of Secure Travel

When you travel, the risk of potential threats increases considerably. Numerous elements could compromise your safety and decrease your productivity on route. Not only are you at risk of road accidents, but there is also increased danger of criminal intent. Travelling leaves you vulnerable to crimes such as hijacking, theft, or kidnapping. This is especially true in the case of high profile individuals and business executives and can affect all types of business and leisure travel. It is in a company’s best interest, and duty of care to guarantee that employee travel is secure. Not only is safe travel a priority, but so too are measures which allow the individual to be as efficient and productive as possible.

Ensuring the safety of company executives usually requires secure travel management. This entails all efforts put into the construction of safe travelling for an individual or team. This travel management is tailored to suit the needs of the client (or principal) after a comprehensive risk assessment.

What Does Secure Travel entail?

Secure travel management can fall under the category of executive protection (also known as close protection). This holistic approach ensures the highest level of safety for the principal. Secure travel is a large part of this service. It can be broken down further into microservices the principal may require:

A Security Driver

The driver of the vehicle plays a vital role in the safety of the principal. They take care of the safe operation, usage and maintenance of the vehicle. They will arrive on time at the pickup point and ensure that the principal arrives at their destination safely. Security drivers must be highly trained and skilled in evasive and defensive driving to prevent accidents. A close protection officer usually accompanies a security driver.

A Close Protection Officer

A close protection officer (CPO) or multiple officers may be required for the safety of the principal. It is recommended that travel include both a security driver and at least one CPO. This CPO will ensure safety by performing tasks such as pre-travel advance work, or the planning done prior to the journey. They will check everything involved in the drive including the vehicle, the surrounding area, the route, and the destination. After a full understanding of the plan, a CPO will accompany the principal to ensure a safe trip.

Escort Vehicles

When the principal requires safety, but would prefer not to have a CPO with them in the vehicle, they may utilise escort vehicles.  This gives the element of safety that is less obtrusive. Escort vehicles may also be used in addition to a CPO in their vehicle in order to transport additional CPOs. High risk assignments where larger protection teams are required will use this option in addition to the other vehicles and security components.

Armoured Vehicles

Another element of secure travel in high-risk cases is the use of an armoured vehicle. Vehicles are fitted with various levels of armouring based on the protection or threat likely to be faced. Armoured vehicles can be manufactured as an armoured vehicle or retrofitted to existing vehicles as long as certain specifications are met. This is an additional element to a holistic protection approach.

These are just some of the aspects you may require for safe travel, based on your risk analysis. With this secure travel, you’ll receive many benefits to the company as a whole, as well as benefiting the principal themselves.

Secure Travel and Increased Efficiency

Easier Travel

Knowing that your travel is safe and secure makes it easier to travel. This means that the company can benefit from more business trips. It also helps the employees themselves by making their trips less timeous and more comfortable.

Better Productivity

Not only will employees experience more comfortable and therefore more frequent business trips, but their productivity during travel will increase too. Not having to drive for business means principals have more time to perform tasks like checking emails or taking calls. Having a security driver planning the route also minimises the risk of getting stuck in traffic – ensuring the principal arrives at their destination on time (or earlier) and in the correct frame of mind.

Peace of Mind

Unsecured travel takes its toll on the well-being of employees. The stress of driving and safety shouldn’t interfere with the purpose of the trip. Having a secure travel management solution ensures peace of mind for the company’s most important assets.

Tips to Ensure Your Own Safe Travel

If you are not utilising the services of an executive protection agency, here are some tips to ensure your own safety during travel:

  1. Pre-plan your trip

  2. Research the area to avoid dangerous roads

  3. Know where key locations are located such as your embassy, police stations and hospitals

  4. Check the forecast to avoid possible delays caused by weather

  5. Always use a seatbelt on the road

  6. Avoid travel at night where possible

  7. Stay alert on the road

  8. Always follow road rules

  9. Pay close attention to suspicious behaviour of any kind

If, on the other hand, your safety lies in the hands of a third party – such as an executive  protection agency, ensure they are doing the following:

  1. Professional assessments conducted on all the risks

  2. Assigning a plan of action based on risk assessment

  3. Detailed advance work before the trip

  4. Comprehensive vehicle safety checks

  5. Ensuring safe driving procedures

  6. Utilizing Experienced professional drivers in defensive and evasive driving

  7. Following up on the experience of the client

Safety should be a high priority. However, managing safe travel requires a lot of time and effort. If you feel your own protection or the protection of your employees should be managed by an experienced protection service, don’t hesitate to contact Arcangel today.

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