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Medical Assistance and Security Operations

Our priority is ensuring our clients are safe and protected at all times regardless of how inaccessible they may be. This is often when medical assistance and security operations combine. These two concepts are married in many circumstances to help bring the best solution to an unforeseen problem.

We’re taking a look at how these separate entities come together in precarious situations.

What is VIP Medical Assistance and security?

It is the merging of executive protection services with medical assistance where the protection company would be on standby 24/7 to cater to sudden injuries or illnesses by:

  1. Servicing the necessary equipment

  2. Administering trained personnel

  3. Using medically approved treatments

The protection company would ensure that they have the capability, skill and equipment to get to any emergency in a timely response using rapid deployment of advanced medical resources. In our case, we ensure the safety, security and general wellbeing of our clients by maintaining a holistic approach and a complete understanding of the risks within the environment.

If you or your clients find that you have a considered risk such as high profile visitors, adventure sports or simply need a medic on-site, a protection company should provide fully equipped teams that provide both the required protection services as well as onsite 24/7 emergency medical services and primary health care under a medical practitioner’s guidance.

The team should be able to provide:

  1. Equip and man a simple medical station or onsite medical centres

  2. Dedicated all-terrain and 4×4 ambulance services for:

  3. Lodges or game lodges

  4. Hunting safaris

  5. Eco-centres

  6. Eco-adventure tourism

Our VIP Emergency Medical Solutions:

Specific to Arcangel Protection Services, we provide an array of emergency medical solutions to our clients, these include:

Aeromedical Service 

Emergency medical situations can be difficult to manage. It is especially difficult when the affected individuals are in remote, difficult to reach locations (private safari lodges). This is something we are uniquely capable of resolving with our experienced and highly trained medical and aviation team.

We can evacuate our clients from remote locations and transfer patients or injured people to the right facility in critical times using an aeroplane or helicopter to ensure there is no time-delay.

Due to the fact that we have these services available, we can also perform:

  1. Remote Location Medical Rescue

  2. Patient Transfers

  3. Concierge Doctor

This service provides a discreet medical option for those who wish to keep their medical needs out of the public eye. As well as those in remote locations requiring the services of a medical doctor. 

On-site Medical Support

Illnesses or injuries don’t discriminate and they can occur at any time without warning. Every individual is at risk, meaning that no matter where you are, your clients can easily come down with a cold, catch the flu, fall victim to some infection or injure themselves in some manner.

Operations Command Centre 

Our operations command centre ensures our team is fully capable and ready to go at any given time. From managing emergency calls as they come in and assigning the adequate medical professionals from our team based on what’s required to ordering supplies and conducting risk assessments, this solution is the backbone of our service.

Off-road Medical Capabilities 

In most cases, our clients are in remote, difficult to reach locations which is why we have the capabilities to reach them by using all-terrain, 4×4 ambulances and rescue units. We can reach our clients quickly in any off-road incidents.

VIP Medical Solutions

More often than not, our clients are either high-risk clients or have their own high-risk clients who require discreet and unique solutions and services. We offer tailor-made solutions based on the client, the location and their unique needs.  

Often Executive Protection is thought of primarily but medical needs are only thought of as and when an emergency situation occurs which is why it is ideal to have both needs met by one unique and professional company. If this is something you may need or need more information on, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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