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Is Your Office Ready and Secure for the New Year?

The festive season can be quite chaotic. The year is coming to an end, everyone needs a break Companies shut down and employees are out of the office. As crazy as everything may seem, this is the perfect opportunity to begin gearing up for the new year. You now have the opportunity to ensure that everything is ready and safe for when your employees return. 

This begs the question – is your office ready and secure for the new year?

If you aren’t sure, keep reading. We highlight the best ways to ensure that your office is safe and secure. Particularly before your employees even step foot into the new decade. 

Why is office safety and security important?

When your employees leave their homes, they want to know that they’re entering a safe environment. It is the employer’s duty of care to ensure their company and office space is safe and secure.

Concerns around security are topical in any office environment. Along with the threat of workplace violence, security has other important aspects. This includes protecting assets and inventory. As well as maintaining the cybersecurity of data and client information. Each aspect of security has its own challenges and procedures. This is why it might be beneficial to hire a protection company. They will help you implement necessary security procedures. 

Workplace safety is very important for each and every employee. It is the duty and moral responsibility of the company to look after its employees. 

Keeping your office secure enables you to protect:

  1. Confidential documents

  2. Computers, electronics and other valuable possessions

  3. Your staff

  4. Your company’s data

How to secure your office

As you go into the new year, you need to make sure your office is ready for any potential risks. You can start securing your office by doing the following: 

  1. Evaluate and assess the security needs of your workplace (a professional can do this for you)

  2. Devise a comprehensive policy to cover all security needs

  3. Consult with protection specialists to ensure you are covering all bases

  4. Get entire aspects installed through third party contractors based on the agreed scope of work

  5. Get the system tested and verified as per requirements

  6. Commission the system for real-world operations

  7. Keep maintaining the systems as per workplace security policy

Risk Assessment

There is no need to be stressing about how secure your company is when you can use our services. We’ve got an easy solution, that you can implement. 

Contact us if you feel like your company security isn’t up to standard. 

We will conduct a comprehensive risk assessment of your company. We will be highlighting areas where you are at great risk. Detailed measures and instructions to increase security will be given. 

Security Protocols

Still feel like you’re being exposed to risks? Start considering the following: 

  1. Physical access control: do you have a system in place that controls who comes in and out of the building? Access control will offer your employee a sense of security because they know that not just anyone can enter.

  2. Surveillance: do you have professional and reliable surveillance systems that monitor the internal and external parameters of your company?

  3. Proper lighting and alarm system: your parking garages and quieter areas need adequate lighting that will ensure no threats are hiding in plain sight. A fully-functional and operational alarm system is needed in any company.

  4. Clearly marked emergency exits: in the event of an emergency situation, employees need to know the safest way to exit the workplace so that they aren’t stuck in a dangerous situation.

Secure Travel Management

If this is something your company hasn’t invested in just yet, be sure to reconsider it in the new year. As part of duty of care, it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure employees are protected while travelling for work.

There are many potential risks and threats when travelling internationally or locally. These risks are not only reserved for the high net worth individual or celebrity. Business and leisure travel may also be affected thus the need for secure travel management.

Here at Arcangel, our deep understanding of the areas, situations and threats place us in a unique position. We are thus able to provide a secure environment for our clients. The secure travel solutions that we offer begin with a clear understanding of the type of travel and the risks associated with the location and other elements of the itinerary.

We accomplish this by conducting a country assessment and risk analysis. Specific travel planning and contingencies are based on the analysis. Some of our solutions available include pre-travel advance work, secure journey management and personnel tracking.

Data Protection

As we rely more and more on online platforms and upload vasts amounts of secure data onto online platforms, the need for adequate data protection is exponential.

This means you need to start taking your cybersecurity more seriously. The best way to do this is to hire an external organisation that specialises in this type of security. This is what your business might need to do though;

  1. Install and maintain a firewall configuration that provides security and protects and secures the stored data.

  2. Do no use default vendor passwords and another parameter of security.

  3. Use anti-virus and frequently update their programs to remove any malicious software.

  4. Secure systems and applications should be developed and maintained.

  5. Those with access to your system should be assigned a unique user ID.

  6. Track and supervise network access.

  7. Regular testing of security systems and processes should take place.

  8. A policy must be maintained that addresses information security for all personnel.

  9. Use of cameras to monitor vulnerable areas. Classification of media is required to protect sensitive data.

  10. Sensitive Authentication Data must be secured.

Go into the new year ready to take on anything that comes your way. Ensure your company and your employees are protected at all times with comprehensive security policies in place. We would love to give you the confidence to feel safe and secure in the new year, please contact us.

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