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How to quantify the expense of a close protection officer or security driver?

How do companies or High-Networth individuals' budget and pay for executive protection (EP), simply put, executive protection should pay for itself. 

This is done by maximising the return on investment (ROI), as follows:- 

  • Executive protection is no longer a "bouncer/bodyguard" type of job, the new modern-day Close Protection Officer (CPO) is a person who aids in the principles time management and meticulous planning

  • By just aiding in time-management, the executives can get to more meetings and do more during their workday 

  • The more productive an executive is, the better the business will do and as such, make more money for the company and the shareholders

  • The negative cost on the share price if something happened to the CEO or Senior Management could be detrimental to the business

  • The role of the Arcangel Protection Services CPO or team is to keep the executives safe and secure, but aid in keeping them as productive as possible

  • Having Executive Protection gives your c-suite executives a competitive advantage over those that do not have; this is because the executives who have a Security Driver (SD) and/or a CPO , are more productive, and more relaxed than their counterparts that do not have a CPO or SD.

The Arcangel Protection Services CPO's and

SD's learn the best routes to travel, to maximise time and safety, which includes:-

  • Learning the traffic patterns 

  • Analysis of the areas they are entering or driving through

  • Advance reconnaissance  

While the investment in CPO's or SD's may seem like a grudge purchase, the safety and ROI over your competitors is greater than the associated costs. Should something happen to a senior member of staff this could cause major damage to the business and shareholders. 

Some reasons why an executive in S.A. needs a CPO and or SD?

  1. HIGH CRIME RATE - 3rd highest crime rate of any other country in the world?  To put this in perspective, S.A. is number 3 of 249 countries. S.A. are in good company in the top 10, which includes Syria and Afghanistan

  2.  HI-JACKINGS - Hi-Jackings are on the increase; currently there are on average at least 84 Hi-Jackings per day. 

  3. VIOLENCE - One of the most VIOLENT countries in the world

  4. RAPE - Highest chance of being RAPED than ANY OTHER country in the world

  5. UNREST 

  6. CASH IN TRANSIT (CIT) - Brazen CIT robberies are on the increase, especially during "silly" season

  7. KIDNAPPINGS - Kidnappings for ransom are on the increase in S.A, run by local and international syndicates

  8. UNEMPLOYMENT/ POVERTY - over 30% unemployment rate

  9. VIOLENT CRIME - Rolex gang

  10. HIGH ACCIDENT - Very high accident rate per capita

Should something happen to the CEO or senior executives of a company, this could directly impact the growth and sustainability of the business. Company executives are often under an immense amount of pressure and stress to perform; CPO's and SD's therefore aid in stress relief by helping to keep executives productive, relaxed, safe and secure.   

Arcangel Protection Services is a niche corporate security company, dealing with all aspects of corporate security, corporate security system design and analysis, close protection services, ongoing operational security reviews, surveillance, counter surveillance, armed escorts, and intelligence analysis. Our Arcangel Protection Services CPO's and SD's are professionals, they are very well trained, discreet, confident and respond well to threats and high-risk environments. They are trained to add value to your executives and the business alike. 

Arcangel Protection Services provides our clients with the best analysis and security plan, tailored to suit their specific needs, with the least disruption to their daily lives. Unfortunately, just by the nature and influence of their position in business or their wealth, this puts not only them at risk, but their families at risk too. We recognise this risk and therefore extend all our services to the families of these executives and High-Networth individuals, which includes CPO's, SD's, and awareness training for the entire family. 

Call us today for a comprehensive risk assessment or for any security related issues or questions you may have. www.arcangel.co.za

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