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Has your security been compromised?

Here’s all you need to know

The need for a reliable, easy to use and professional security system is imperative. A report from November 2018 showed that there were 22 261 home robberies carried out throughout 2018. The province with the most home invasions was Gauteng, which recorded 8 333 incidents over a 12-month period. The Northern Cape had the least amount of home robberies, recording just 159 cases.

No matter where you stay, you are still at risk of a home invasion. They can happen when you’re home, relaxing with your family or while you’re out and about – there’s no telling exactly when. The best solution for is to ensure you and your family are prepared at all times.  

Security systems

A security system is exactly what it sounds like. It is a system put in place to ensure your home, family and personal belongings are secure at all times. A home security system is a network of integrated electronic devices working together with a central control panel to offer protection against burglars and other potential home intruders.

A typical home security system includes:

  1. A control panel, which is the primary controller of a home’s security system

  2. Door and window sensors

  3. Motion sensors, both interior and exterior

  4. Wired or wireless security cameras

  5. A high-decibel siren or alarm

  6. A yard sign and window stickers

Is there a need?

Professional security systems are an extra expense and depending on how comprehensive the system is, it can become pricey.

This is often a deterrent where individuals feel they don’t have the extra funds for this. However, how much is your safety, privacy and sound of mind worth? Any form of extra security for your home is worth it.

Other ways of adding security

You don’t necessarily have to install a home security system (although it is recommended). There are other ways to boost your home security.

  1. Ensure your garden and home is well lit

  2. Add extra security bars/gates to windows and glass sliding doors

  3. Possibly get a dog (they’re a great deterrent and best friend)

  4. Ensure valuables cannot be seen from the road

  5. Be careful about who you let in your home (contractors etc)

  6. Be vigilant

  7. Hire an executive security professional/team to access the safety of your home, neighbourhood and surrounds and get a comprehensive plan on how to combat any weaknesses in your security

Signs your security is compromised

We may feel that our homes are 100% secure but there are professional home invaders who know their way around security plans in place. There are some key signs to identify if your home security has been compromised in any way;

  1. Are your online systems acting strange? Identify if your systems have been hacked

  2. Is your electric fence making an odd clicking sound or no longer active? Identify if your electric fence has been cut or damaged (ensure you get it repaired ASAP)

  3. Have you seen weird objects lying outside your house? Check the surrounds of your house to ensure nothing has been left as a marker for thieves to target your home

  4. Have you seen the same people lurking around in your area? Possibly call your security company to identify what their intentions are

The safety of your home is not about your possessions but it’s about the protection of your family and your territory. A home intrusion is an incredibly uncomfortable feeling as someone has completely invaded your space and left you feeling vulnerable. This is why extra measures have to be taken to ensure your family’s wellbeing is always taken care of.

We offer detailed consulting that will help you identify any risks or weaknesses in your home or personal security.

Red Teaming

This term works on the basis of ‘the best offence is a great defence’. Red Teaming is a full-scope, multi-layered simulation designed to measure how well a company’s people and networks, applications and physical security controls can withstand an attack from a real-life adversary.

While ‘red teaming’ is mostly done by large companies, it can also be adopted inside your own home to identify any potential safety risks.

A thorough red team test will expose vulnerabilities and risks regarding:

  1. Technology — Networks, applications, routers, security systems, etc.

  2. Physical — buildings, windows, doors, physical security measures etc.

There are various professionals who will come to your home or business to test the security of your premises. This is an ideal way to identify weaknesses in your security that you may not have seen.

Security consulting

We specialise in high-risk protection, emergency planning, security consulting and disaster management.

Our approach is that of complete transparency with our clients. We involve you throughout the entire process of consultation and customise each operation to fit your needs. Every operation undergoes a threat assessment which allows us to provide superior service by:

Problem Identification and Analysis – Uncovering underlying issues and security risks:

We conduct extensive research and analysis of the proposed operation to expose any possible added threats or risks. This eliminates the possibility of secondary issues arising and prepares the operation for any contingencies that may occur.

Possible Solution Identification – Establishing the context of the client’s environment:

By examining the setting of the operation, we can anticipate the factors it brings. This allows us to create an optimised solution which works within the confines of the context, utilising it to our client’s advantage.

Solution Roadmap Development and Implementation – Creating custom-designed solutions:

We create a perfect solution which caters for all our client’s needs. Each operation is customised and thereby adjusted to enable the most effective and streamlined solution. Whatever the client’s requirements may be.

We ensure you and your family are in the safest environment possible to go about your daily lives. Contact us for a full consultation if you feel you are at risk in any way.

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