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C-suite Executives: Are You And Your Business Really Safe During The Holiday Shut Down?

It makes sense for your business to shut down for the holidays – not only will you appreciate the break, but your company could come out better for it too. Some companies simply cannot shut down during this time, but those that can will benefit from increased productivity, healthier, happier employees and a better work/life balance. But unfortunately, closing for the holidays can actually increase quite a few of the dangers and risks for C-suite executives and their businesses. How can you combat this issue while reaping the benefits of a well-deserved break? It starts with understanding everything you need to know about the risks:

The risks to your business

The reality is that crime spikes considerably over the holiday period. According to South African crime statistics, an estimated 27 businesses are robbed each day. There has also been a major increase in reported fraud – a massive 110%. Your own employees could even be an inside threat to your business, from insider trading to general theft when you are not around.

These threats increase nearing the holiday season, as people tend to start letting their guard down, and wouldn’t notice suspicious behaviour. In this case, having executive protection personnel present with extensive “soft skills” could be the difference between noticing a detrimental element or not.

The main risk to your business during a shutdown is not having the right security measures and processes in place that will determine every single risk you may face – whether this is during the preparation for shutdown phase or during the actual shutdown. Taking a comprehensive risk assessment will help to alleviate this stress on your company, as relying on the experts is the best way to go about your company safety needs.

The risks to you

Nearing a shutdown, you may find yourself travelling more in order to finalise dealings for the following year. Travel puts you at a serious risk of criminal intent, especially in high-risk countries. During the holidays, you may travel to visit family overseas or become a tourist in a new city. Airports are of particular concern, as criminal elements select targets based on a number of identifying factors such as brand of luggage, the location from which the individual is travelling from, etc. This leaves you exposed and vulnerable to attack. When you don’t use a secure airport transfer, you are increasing the likelihood of an incident.

During this time or at any other point during the holidays, criminal intent could put you at risk of:

  1. Kidnapping for ransom

  2. Robbery and theft

  3. Hijacking

  4. Assault and physical attacks

There are also threats you may not have considered, such as:

  1. Cybersecurity threats and hacking

  2. Targeting your family while you are away

  3. Home Break-ins

  4. Threats on the road such as drunk or distracted drivers

How do you combat these risks?

Should these threats to your personal safety, and the safety of your family, affect your plans in any way? Not if you have put measures in place to prevent such occurrences. If you feel your position in a company has made you a target for criminals, it is in your company’s “Duty of Care” to provide the protection necessary – even during times of shutdown. If you need an assessment of your risk, contact Arcangel today.

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