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Are you traveling this festive season?

While the holiday season fast approaches, we can all agree this holiday is going to be very different and one to remember.  If you are traveling abroad for the first time or even if you are a frequent local traveler, there is the need to be security conscious. ​With the rise in insecurity, poverty, and unemployment due to the CoVid Pandemic, as well as an increase in global terrorism and crime, it is important for every traveler to be proactive when it comes to their security. Using the principles of close personal protection, we have compiled a list of basic security tips that will help you secure your life and belongings while traveling this holiday season.

  1. Know the exact address of your hotel or accommodation.

  2. Keep a list of important contact details in your phone or on a card in your pocket these details should contain the contact information as follows: -

  3. Hotel

  4. Emergency contact person – family members contact detail

  5. Local emergency services numbers, such as 999 – UK, 10177 – S.A., 911- USA

  6. Make sure you have travel insurance.

  7. E-mail your itinerary to a close friend or family member.

  1. Always lock your valuables in the safe - don't assume the hotel is safe and just leave all your electronics lying around when you leave the room for a day of sightseeing

  2. When on holiday with your family, try not to post pictures on social media, until you are safely home- you do not want to advertise that you are not at home nor where you and your family are currently vacationing

  3. Don't flash your cash or jewellery- especially foreign currency- and hide your emergency cash in the hotels main safe (if you must carry cash on your trip)

  4. Always keep your wallet and cellular phone in your front pockets

  5. Try to travel in groups. If you must travel alone try do group tours, the hotels can arrange this for you. Safer in numbers...


In an Emergency- remember the 3 golden rules:

  1. Action -Take decisive action and do not hesitate

  2. Movement - Create distance between yourself and the problem

  3. Communication - Communicate your situation, location and how to reach you if communication is lost.


Arcangel Protection Services specialise in Close-Protection for individuals and groups, such as High-Net worth individuals, celebrities, corporate executives and dignitaries from around the world. We frequently travel with our clients, operating in new and dynamic environments, however the principles remain the same, Stay vigilant, Stay alert and Keep our clients safe and secure. On behalf of the Arcangel Protection Family, we wish you and your family a safe, secure and happy festive season and a prosperous new year.

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