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Arcangel: Combating executive travel triggers

It should come as no surprise that corporate travel can be an exciting experience. Venturing into a new city or country, the promise of new networking opportunities and potential career advancements prove how these trips can be both enjoyable and rewarding. However, travelling as a high-profile individual is not without its stresses. In fact, this type of corporate travel anxiety is so common that it even has a name – permanxiety. Below we have unpacked what the three main triggers are and how you can manage them best!


Permanxiety was first coined by travel industry platform Skift in 2017. This refers to a state of stress that relates to travel – including natural disasters, flying logistics, personal safety and crime. Given the high-pressure nature of executive travel, it is unsurprising that permanxiety has become a buzzword in the travel industry.

In order to best understand this term, we have outlined a few of the main offenders of permanxiety. Understanding these triggers will allow you to better anticipate the moment and ultimately alleviate the stress associated with it.

1. Travel planning, admin and logistics

Keeping your travel plans stress-free can be a rather daunting task. A lot of details need to be ironed out, scheduled and coordinated. While we all enjoy the ease and convenience of an all-inclusive package, travel snags are still a possibility. The aim, however, is to mitigate risk by having certain procedures in place that do not trigger a knock-on effect at the slightest hindrance.

2. Airport stress

This is a reality for many. Airports are inherently stressful. From delayed flights, baggage claims, jet lag to tech failures fears. Common causes of airport anxiety include:

– Queues

– Take off

– Baggage carousels

– Crowds

3. Personal safety

Personal security pertains to the undisturbed enjoyment of man’s life, including body, reputation and health. It is essentially deterring all means of crime on an individual. At its most basic level, this form of security entails following necessary tools, mindsets and abilities to ensure overall safety.

This is particularly relevant for high-profile personnel as their personal security is at higher risk given the nature of their status. Providing adequate safety for these individuals means adhering to a multifaceted security strategy.

Key factors to a positive travel experience

  1. Personalization

  2. An element of enjoyability

  3. Extensive around-the-clock support

  4. Time-saving administrative tasks

  5. Exclusive safety measure, procedures and precautions

  6. Clear knowledge of all logistical plans

How Arcangel ensures high-profile travel safety

Secure travel management

Our deep understanding of various areas, situations and threats place us in a unique position. The secure travel solutions that we offer, therefore, begin with a clear understanding of the type of travel that our clients will be making use of. Whether it be business or leisure, the risks associated with the location and other elements of the itinerary remain a priority.

We accomplish this by conducting a country assessment and risk analysis. Specific travel planning and contingencies are based on the analysis. Several of our solutions include pre-travel advance work, secure journey management and personnel tracking.

Our services therefore included:

– Advanced work and risk assessments based on local intelligence.

– Professional executive protection specialist to meet the client on arrival and escort them to the designated transport in order to prevent being targeted by criminal elements.

– An experienced security driver (trained in defensive and specialist driving), will ensure safe transportation to the predetermined location.

– The security driver and executive protection specialist will work as a team using operationally tested methods for protection and safe transportation of the client to their destination.Ensure comprehensive airport transfer security and logistics with one of the top professional executive protection companies in the country. Tap here to get in contact with our team.

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