7 Key Questions to ask when contracting Close Protection

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Your needs are unique, so it is important for you to get exactly what you want when hiring close protection. You want more than a standard armed guard!

It’s totally fine to ask as many questions as you like when engaging with prospective close protection or personal protection services. We have consolidated the important key questions from our years in the industry.

Many questions will be asked of you in order to find out your requirements to provide the best possible level of service and to match these requirements.

Professionalism, trust and credibility are all important virtues to look for in a quality close protection service provider. Professional service providers address risks, threats and vulnerabilities and a structured manner to create a protection plan that ensures you are safe, secure and productive in your environment wherever that may be.

Here are a few questions to assist you in evaluating the best protective solution.

  1. How do you identify and mitigate the risks that I am faced with?

  2. Are you able to customise a protective solution to my specific needs?

  3. What criteria do you use when recruiting personnel?

  4. What support services do you offer?

  5. Are you fully licensed and accredited as per the relevant licensing bodies?

  6. How do you structure your fees and what is included and excluded?

  7. Have you had experience with similar situations and how have you dealt with them?

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