Personal & Executive
Close Protection

Discreet, Confidential Protection 24/365

What risks are you facing...

Risk of physical attack and kidnapping?

Lifestyle limitations due to risk exposure?

Lack of privacy during their business and private travel?


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Reducing your risk exposure

We design our solutions around the executive and client’s preferences as well as the risk profile.

Risk, threat and vulnerability assessments are conducted before any close protection assignment to determine the risk level.


Maintaining your privacy

With a keen eye and focus on confidentiality, professionalism and dedication to our clients, we ensure a holistic approach to safety and security with a 100% mission success rate. 

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Protecting your lifestyle

Close protection that is designed to be a low-profile protective solution that ensures the executive is provided with a safe, secure and private environment in order to conduct their business and personal activities without interruption. 

Executive Protection Services

Celebrity Bodyguards

Diplomatic Protection Services


Advisory service to assist in building an internal close protection team, Assessing a current team or providing assistance on close protection policy, procedures and performance management.


Security driver trained in close protection defensive and evasive driving to provide a secure, private and an uneventful journey.


Close Personal Protection provided by trained close protection officers at home, at work, while commuting or traveling. These close protection officers can fulfil the role of security driver as well as a personal protection officer.


Protective escort unit to discreetly follow the principal vehicle and principal and respond to threats against the principal. The protective escort comprises of two close protection officers and appropriate vehicle to ensure the team can conduct counter surveillance as well as response to any threats directed at the principal.

Your Protection is our Passion


  • Threat and Risk Assessments

  • Risk Intelligence and Analysis

  • Pre-mission planning

  • Pre-mission intelligence

  • Route and venue reconnaissance


  • Close Protection

  • Secure transportation

  • Protective Escorts

  • Live tracking

  • Executive airport services, such as VIP check-in, FastTrack immigration and customs clearance

  • 24/7 Operational Support


  • 24/7 emergency response

  • Emergency

  • Evacuations and Repatriations